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👉 Ride Along on a Lesson: Rundown & Stop

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Every lesson has a goal 👉 this one is to improve the stops for this horse & rider team! Ride along in this lesson to learn patience, precision and rewarding success! Nothing held back or edited to make it look good! Just a typical training ride.

Find out more from Coach Shannon Pigott 👉 and follow her on Instagram at @coachshannonpigott! Be sure to subscribe to the @coachshannonpigott YouTube channel for updates and to follow along

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How good are you reining stops?

  • Rockstar Great! A solid +1 1/2 every time!

  • Sometimes great, but still inconsistent!

  • My horse stops great, if I do everything right!

  • I'm still dreaming of accomplishing a great sliding stop!


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